Our Clients

Some the artists who have recorded at Paradiddle Studio:

Miles to Dayton
The Last Hombres
Russ Seeger (played with Levon Helm in the Last Hombres)
Hombre Jones - Mike Meehan (played with Levon Helm in the Last Hombres)
Ronnie Penque (bass player for the New Riders of the Purple Sage)
Butchers Blind
Gathering Time
Jack's Waterfall
Katie Pearlman
Gene Casey and the Lone Sharks
Allen Santoriello
Bill Scorzari
Guilty Pleasures
The Origginators
The Hideaways
Bill Shuren
Chris P. Cauley
Johnny Cuomo
Jay Scott
James O'Malley
Hank Stone
Johnny Zarrow
Darlene Graham
Ken "The Rocket" Korb
American Bombshells
Larry Chorowski
Leah Kaye
Jennett Russell
Sonny Meadows
Bob Westcott
Little Wilson Duo
Lena Smith & the Happy Clams
Tom Martin
Josh Yevnah
Michael Jazz Trio
Kim Volpe
And many more....