Destination Blues: CD
  • Destination Blues: CD

Destination Blues: CD

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When you listen to the music of Butchers Blind you know the future of Alt-Country shines blindingly bright. Butchers Blind encompasses the rich history of American Roots music, then broadens and reshapes it into something exciting, refreshing and uniquely their own.

Destination Blues marks a significant step forward for the band. They are venturing into new musical territory while keeping one foot firmly grounded in the sound they established with their first record, Play for the Films. The focus for this CD was on capturing the live energy of the band and the result is a resounding success.

While bands like Whiskeytown and Uncle Tupelo helped shape their Americana roots, the raw energy of influences such as the Replacements and the Hold Steady give them a rock sensibility. Pete Mancini’s confident, yet vulnerable vocals give their sound a rich texture. His songwriting draws you in and if you listen close enough you can hear the future of Alt-Country music in every note.

Produced by Bill Herman & Mick Hargreaves with Buddy Woodward on mandolin.

"[Destination Blues] proves they are a band that is evolving while creating and maintaining their very own identity in the alt-country world." - From Under the Basement (Best of 2011)

"[Destination Blues] follows a great American tradition: excellent songwriting, genuine musicianship and ballsy rock n’ roll and country songs about drinking and fucking up and pouring your heart out." - Jersey Beat

"The songs are tight, well written, and this is alt-country music at its finest. " - Red Line Roots

"Destination Blues follows in the footsteps of the alt-country greats. I have a feeling that, pretty soon, Butchers Blind will be able to count themselves on that list." - Adobe and Teardrops

"...strong melodies with intriguing themes...disciplined and focused songwriting, and that bodes well for this promising band." - Sun209

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