Annie Mark

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Americana, Roots and Folk music that reaches deep into the heart.

“I believe in the power of story to heal, and I love that a three-minute song can change me and move me to laugh, cry, relate, and not feel so alone. It’s magical to me.” Annie Mark Annie Mark, a New York based singer-songwriter, has shared her country-tinged Americana-roots music with audiences from Florida to Ireland, and most recently, Nashville. A New York native, she moved to the South at age 10, where upon hearing the music of the Carter Family and Johnny Cash, she nurtured a life-long love of traditional country music and songs that convey slice-of-life stories about people’s lives with a heartfelt simplicity. Inspired by such singer-songwriters as Patti Griffin, Julie Miller, Nanci Griffith, Mary Gauthier, Leonard Cohen, and Bob Dylan, Annie's songs explore lifes' journey and the universal themes of love and loss, struggles and triumphs, shadows and light, with a little humor thrown in. Accompanied by strong and tender acoustic guitar-playing, Annie's richly textured voice runs the entire emotional spectrum– sometimes velvety smooth, at other times raspy and raw with a little torch and twang thrown in.

"Strong confident vocals,organic, raw and rootsy. Annie's voice at different turns, sometimes powerful and at times achingly vulnerable. Moving from genre to genre, drawing from her vast musical tastes-Americana,country, blues, folk,and rock. Whether playing originals or paying homage to those who have come before, Annie dynamically brings her devotion and dedication to serving each song to her listeners with all her heart and soul. An Annie Mark show is powerful, moving, and not to be missed." Thomas Ryan, Author American Hit Radio

"Annie Mark is a masterful performer capable of keeping an audience riveted. She possesses a formidable talent, a compassionate understanding of the human condition, and has the soul that enables her to reach deeply into people's hearts." Peter Kanelous Guitarist Singer-Songwriter

"Whenever I hear Annie Mark, I connect to a part of myself that truly feels the gift of being alive. Depending on her song, I find myself smiling, laughing, shedding a tear and soothed by her voice and words, like we are all traveling this journey of life together.I never tire of hearing Annie sing." Emily Eisen, Language of Mastery, Brain Gym, Educator

"Annie Mark is : The flint and spark of music in any form; The hum, strum, and yum of music, a prophetess of music. Annie Mark is a musical alchemist returning again and again with the theme of turning lead into gold; darkness to light; failure into redemption and transformation." Alan DeValle Composer Musical Rita

Expected release: February 2, 2020

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