Jay Scott
  • Jay Scott
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Recorded live at the Patchogue Theater, January 6th, 2008, in front of a sold out house.

Paradiddle Records 2008

...this album has great melodies and harmonies and rhythms"-The Celebrity Cafe Reviewer: Marie J. Pellegrino

If you're looking for blues, a bittersweet blues sound with a touch of sass and a dash of contemporary life, then you're looking for Jay Scott. After a few turns with assembled bands, Jay takes it out solo and his experience, and experiences, are shared with a heartfelt pathos and a sensitivity to the predicaments we share in life. “Moment In Time” kicks off the CD as a rocking declaration that Jay’s long awaited moment has arrived, as evidenced by this, his first full length solo album. “Come Around” follows as an up-tempo jazz-laced riff that will immediately set your toes to tapping. "Sometimes" is a stand out song for the simplicity of its tune and lyrics, and the beautiful backing vocal by Jessie Haynes. Beneath the simplicity of the lyrics is a deep sense of sincere passion: "Beggars they cheat and cheaters they lie and sometimes your lover says goodbye." Hey, it stinks but it's true. It is necessary to hear Jay sing it, in is his touch below tenor, teetering on gravely, voice. “Good Fight" is a great track with three part harmonies built on a simple acoustic tune that speaks to us all - we all have our gray days and although we sometimes feel put upon by life's demands, we pull it together and keep it together for ourselves and those we care about. Jay takes it up tempo again with "Lightening and Thunder” and "Deliver". "Lightening and Thunder” captures the jamming live sound of Jay Scott and Grand Case Scenario as Jay cuts loose with a hard, forceful vocal and "Deliver" is a funky club sound blues tune and you can feel yourself moving to the solid beat but you know somebody is gonna be done wrong, again. Finally, “Lonely Road” is Jay Scott classic for those who have been following him for a number of years, and has long been the closing song for his live shows. This tale of Jay’s trip to the west coast and back features backing vocals from Rorie Kelly. Take a little time and enjoy Jay Scott and maybe in his reflections you will see reflections of yourself. See yourself and maybe a few of those thoughtful times may come to mind. And maybe a few smiles will come from your reflections on your bittersweet times.

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